Exotic Bow Hunting in East Texas

Top 8 Things to Never Bring to Your Hunt


Author Mikayla Perry


  • 8. The Wrong Equipment
    We ask that you double check your equipment before going out on your hunt. Nobody wants to bring a turkey call out to a whitetail hunt!
  • 7. Caffeinated Drinks
    We understand many people enjoy the occasional caffeinated drink, but we find that sitting in a blind or treestand all day isn’t always the best place for such beverages. We recommend bringing plenty of water instead.
  • PHONE6. Phone/Pager/Electronics
    We recommend that you do not bring your phone, or if you do, we ask that you turn it on “do not disturb” or “silent”. Any text tone, ringtone, or buzzing can ruin a hunt. Nobody wants a Facebook message to ruin their chances of killing their dream trophy.
  • 5. Cruelty in Mind
    We prohibit any cruelty or malice toward the animals. We believe in humane kills only and will not tolerate anything less from our hunters. We do hope you understand.
  • 4. Perfumes/Cologne/Deodorant
    Any scent can tip off a potential kill that you’re there and a threat. We recommend that you substitute any fragrance or deodorant with a scent diffuser. It can improve your hunting experience and we want only the best for our hunters.
  • 3. Crunchy/Loud/Fragrant Snacks
    We supply food and drinks for our hunters, but we ask that you do not bring any food into the blind with you; or that if you do, you do not litter and understand what may come with it. We’ve found that hunter who brought chips, candy, etc. we’re not as successful as hunters who kept the blind free of food/snacks.
  • GTY_vape_kab_141118_16x9_9922. Cigarettes/Cigars/Vape  
    Smoke will alert the animals around you and can ruin your chances of getting your kill. We ask that you leave such indulgences at our lodging facility to maximize your hunting experiences.

1. Paraphernalia
We ask that you do not bring any paraphernalia along with you on your hunt. For safety and legal reasons, we will not allow such items on our property.  

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