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Aoudad hunting in Texas is never better then at the 4P Hunting Ranch in East Texas. We offer the very best auodad hunting in East Texas and will set up your hunt for success! Find out more about aoudads before your hunt.

Author Mikayla Perry

Author Mikayla Perry

Aoudad, (also called Barbary Sheep, Waddan, Arrui and Arruis) are a species of caprid (goat-antelope). They are native to the rocky mountains in North Africa. Six subspecies have been found in the Aoudad gene pool.
  They’re a soft tan color that darkens with age. They have a light underbelly and a dark line down the center of their back.
   Their diet is mainly that of vegetation. They are able to retain water from the plants and grass they eat and often wallow in large pools of water when available.
     Aoudad are active in the early morning and late afternoon. They prefer to rest and become most inactive during the heat of the day. Auodad hunting is usually best in the morning and early evening. Typically, they will flee at the first sight  of danger. They have been known to seek higher ground and bounce to avoid predators and threats.  (Some of us here on the ranch have had experiences that beg to differ. See our video Aoudad Attacks for reasons why.)
    Aoudad have been described as “extremely nomadic”, traveling often and consistently. They have been introduced to many areas, including the United States, Mexico, and other parts of Africa.
  Aoudad Hunting in East Texas     They are considered to be classified as Vulnerable by the IUCN.
 The Aoudad are often recognized for their fur and horns. In Texas, and other parts of the world, they are considered great game and are sought after from exotic hunters. For this reason, the 4P Hunting Ranch offer auodad hunting for those who are serious about hunting exotic game.
  Herds will usually consist of only one male and the rest being female. Breeding can occur year round but is found to reach its peak in September to November. Pregnancy lasts around five months and some change.
     Both females and males have horns, which are made of keratin and will continue to grow through their whole life. They may also have somewhat of a “beard” or “mane”.
  Aoudad are known to be agile and can jump up to seven feet tall.       
    On our ranch, the Aoudad live in contentment. We do our best to give them the right nutrition and the surrounding forest is at their mercy when it comes to grazing. They have been seen to prefer certain spots on our ranch, one of which includes a hill of sorts which we believe stimulates their desire for higher ground.
        Prices  for our Aoudad hunts are listed on our website under Price Sheet.

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