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About The Exotics: Blackbuck

blackbucks Blackbuck (i.e. Indian Antelope)

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The Blackbuck, or commonly referred to as the “Indian Antelope”, are the only living member of the genus Antilope. Native to India, this animal has made quite the name for itself in exotic hunting, as well as just in the state of Texas.
    Although illegal to hunt in India by law, they hold a great place in Hinduism. The Blackbuck is sadly extinct in Bangladesh, however, the species has been successfully introduced to Argentina and the U.S.. It has been classified as Near Threatened by the IUCN.
 11  They are active mostly during the day, as are most antelope, and are herbivores. They usually stay within three types of herds, females, males, and even bachelor herds.
     As the males grow older, their fur transitions from the fawn orange color to an ochre black/dark brown for which they are named, with a white underbelly. Females keep their fawn orange color through their whole life. Another notable characteristic-often undervalued-would be their big, dark, doll-like eyes. Males are the ones to usually sport the trademark ringed horns that spiral upwards, a most desired trophy by hunter and collector alike; but some females may occasionally have a set of their own.
   Females typically become sexually mature at eight months, but don’t mate any earlier than two years of age. Males are more late bloomers, maturing at one-and-half years old. Breeding occurs although out the year; Texas shows signs of peak season(s) during spring and fall. Typical pregnancy lasts six months, usually bringing only one fawn. After a month has passed, the female is ready to breed again.  14
  On the 4P Ranch grounds, the Blackbuck roam freely. Given the vegetation, and the handy ranch hand, they want for nothing in nutrition and are occasionally seen by our many duck slews; as the Blackbuck species desires a large amount of water. They are often caught on our game cameras by our feeders as well, near our strategically placed blinds and treestands.
    We have dozens of great photos taken by our photographers of the Blackbuck on our land, grazing or running through the thicket. If you’re quiet and patient, you may even get to observe a mother and her fawn while visiting the 4P Ranch.
    From does to trophy bucks, we have a sizable herd living happily on our property. Should you desire a larger buck, it can be arranged that we bring one in for you and your guest. Prices are listed on our website under Price Sheet.

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