Exotic Bow Hunting in East Texas

Origins of the 4P Ranch




Author Mikayla Perry


   The 4P Ranch was a long time dream of the co-owner and co-founder of the ranch, Kenny Perry. For most, if not all, of his life, he has loved to hunt. He almost religiously watches the Outdoor 12088061_1795307524029642_3400788564936951294_nChannel, as well as often goes hunting during his free time.
    For many years, Kenny and his lovely wife, Renae (co-owner, co-founder), worked hard in order to provide for their family. Kenny worked in the area of plumbing, while Renae worked as a full time mother taking care of their four children. Eventually, Renae would go off and become a Plumbing Apprentice and help her husband. Should you not believe us, we even have a photo that Kenny took of his wife while digging a hole in a customer’s yard.

In the year 2012, they were given the opportunity to open their own plumbing company,
Service Contractors Plumbing. They humbly took on the responsibility and headaches of running such a business and have since made a name for themselves for their quality service. Kenny was characterized and made into the logo for the business, a cowboy wielding a wrench and a plunger.
    During their time as new-found business owners, the couple would often indulge in their mutual love of hunting. Their home is littered with deer heads and 1397571_1542376179322779_5464122694754523566_oother mountings, two large turkeys killed by Kenny himself proudly sit above their television, on top their wooden entertainment center.
    In the year 2014, they were given the wonderful chance to visit an exotic hunting ranch and kill an animal of their choosing. After the Mrs. had seen all it had to offer, she had come and gleefully told everyone, “We have got to have one of those!”
    Seeing his wife bitten by the bug and his own love for hunting, they had the idea to open up their exotic ranch. While Renae had thought it would be a couple years down the road, Kenny was determined to find a way sooner.  

     The name, a cheeky reference to the family name and those who bear it, was born before they even found a property to look at. The 4P symbol is proudly displayed on our t-shirts, our website, and even the owners’ pickup.
     Not long after the decision was made to open a hunting ranch, they stumbled upon the property that the 4P Ranch sits on now. After a month or so of deliberation and talking with the previous owner, they were able to seal a deal and now the couple happily retreats to the property on most weekends. truck
   The young ranch is still ever-growing, taking on new animals and new hunters coming in at a considerable pace. The couple feel blessed and are so very thankful to be able to live their dream together. The ranch itself is family friendly and they hope to make each hunter/camper as happy when they leave as the owners’ were when they left their own hunt.


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