Exotic Bow Hunting in East Texas

Top 10 Things To Bring To Your Hunt


Author: Mikayla Perry


Trying to make sure you remembered everything right before you leave for the 4P Hunting Ranch? Fear not, this handy list will help you get it together.

10. A Buddy
If you’re able to, bring a friend! Friend, spouse, child, we welcome everyone!  Here at the ranch, we always say: the more the merrier! Every outing is more fun with a partner, unless you’d prefer a solitary stay.

waterbottle9. Water
 We supply food and drinks, and although food is not welcome in our stand, water bottles are (so long as you are respectful and do not litter). It is very easy to become dehydrated while hunting for long periods of time (especially during the warmer months). Stay hydrated!


8. Respect
We ask that you come with respect in mind. For the facilities, personnel and animals alike. The written agreement you sign to abide by our rules we take very seriously. Should you come and abide by the rules and hunt appropriately, we hope to see you again for years to come!

7. Binoculars, Range Finder, etc.
Though some equipment may be with the owner or ranch hand, we highly recommend that you bring your own hunting equipment. Binoculars, range finder, bug spray, bring it all! Should you take our advice, we are not responsible for any loss or damage to said equipment that happens on your hunt.

6. Patience
We cannot guarantee a kill and our hunts are by no means easier just because of our high fencing. At our ranch, the animals roam freely and stroll across the whole ranch as they please. Waiting for one to come in or calling a few to you will be like hunting anywhere else; a welcomed challenged to those who love the sport. Please, stay patient and should you find one visit to not be enough, you can always come back and try again!

5.  Appropriate Clothing
The week before your hunt, do keep a close eye on the weather. Being in Texas, the weather is fickle and often changes. Bring the right clothes to maximize your comfort and experience. Don’t forget the camo, either!

4. Scent Diffusers
In order to have the best chances at having the animal of your choice come into your area, you should bring your preferred scent diffuser. Most of the animals, especially deer, are frightened  easily; should the wind not be on your side, one whiff of your human scent and you’ll be left with a half-cocked weapon and disappointment.

3. Bullets/Arrows
If you’ve booked a hunt with us, you’ll need to supply your own preferred ammunition. How can you achieve your dream hunt without the proper ammunition to support you along the way? (We will be cataloging what ammo you bring with you out on your hunt for safety purposes.)


2. Gun/Bow
Just like the ammo, you are encouraged to bring your own gun or bow of choice. A crossbow is available for rent should you desire a bow hunt and don’t own one yourself. The ammo is only as important as the weapon you’re shooting it with. 

1. A Positive Attitude
While we cannot guarantee a kill, we can tell you that we do hope your experience-however it ends-is memorable and enjoyable. With a positive attitude, there’s nothing you can’t do here on the 4P Hunting Ranch!

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