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Author Mikayla Perry

Author Mikayla Perry

   There is a good reason why hog hunting in Texas has become wildly popular. Game is readily available and a necessity to lower property damages and risk to local people and animals.  A wild hog, or wild boar, are a grand species with up to 16 subspecies. They are often considered to be “overpopulated” and a “nuisance” by local farmers and some hunters alike. Because of property damage and danger they pose, hog hunting in Texas has become wildly popular.
    Depending on region could depend on the subspecies. It is likely that some North American hogs are spliced with the genetics of unspecific European hogs from many years ago. There were cases where unclassified European hogs were brought over to America and escaped (most of which were caught by locals) and crossbred with American hogs.
    They are known to be omnivores, their diet one of the only in the animal kingdom to rival the fluidity of humans.
  Hogs can give birth to many offspring at one time, the usual being 4-6 and the most being 10-12. The time of pregnancy depends on the age of the sow. Hogs are social Hog at the 4P Bow Hunting Ranchcreatures, their herds usually consisting of females and all their piglets. Males are more likely to travel alone outside of breeding season. What are classified as “subadult” males can band together in loose-knit groups. .
     The mating season starts in November and last into January, although most breeding is done within a month and a half on average.
 Piglets are not allowed to leave the “lair” for a week, only beginning to accompany the sow on her journey after two weeks. Piglets will often lay pressed up against each other in the absence of their mother during the first week of life.   
     The average hogs lives around 4-5 years, but has the potential to live 10-14 in the wild and 20 years in captivity.
    Hogs can easily live just about anywhere. The 16 different subspecies live in a range different places, some even having the ability to live in alpine zones. Hogs prefer to rest around shelter, which usually contain shrubbery that can keep them warm during colder months. Hogs are even great swimmers, one was even recorded to swim the seven mile journey from France to Alderney.  
  Hogs are often vocal as well, ranging from grunts to squeals to cries and more.
   Size often depends on subspecies but never fear, our hogs are growing and some are already trophy size. We make a grand effort to procure the best hogs we can for your hunting pleasure.  

       On our ranch, the hogs travel all over. They have all the vegetation (and corn from our feeders) they could ever desire. While some may see hogs as a pesky nuisance, we appreciate them as great game. We even provide service after the hunt to help you clean one up and take home for a nice dinner one night.
    Prices are listed on our website under Price Sheet and Hogs. We occasionally have specials on hog hunts (and other hunts as well),  so keep up with our social media! We have the best hog hunting in Texas! 

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