Exotic Bow Hunting in East Texas

Game Camers


Check the cameras! This is a great opportunity to see whats going on right now at the ranch. We plan to keep this page updated so you can plan out your next hunt a the 4P bow hunting ranch.

Fall 2016

Early April 2016

We have captured the white white tail deers (not a typo btw) on our game cams. We also have some great pictures of the red deer, black bucks, and hogs on our cams.

Late March 2016

Who’s got hogs? WE got hogs. Little hogs, big hogs, young hogs old hogs fat hogs! Take your pick right now for $150, or get you a trophy hog for only a $100 more. Also, the majestic red stag has shed his sheds in order to make room for even more epic antlers. New animals have been introduced, but have not appeared on the cameras yet. The newbies include, several big black male black bucks, a few white white tail bucks and does.

Early March 2016

February 2016

Lots of activity this month. With the aoudad gone, (see the video on the front page to see how that played out) there is a new peace at the 4P Hunting Ranch. Hog population is increasing steadily, and you will see some new critters on the cameras this time.


Auodad is getting meaner and meaner! Also seems like the elk and sika buck seem to have a love hate relationship. Also their are some new groups forming, most of the white tail does are sticking together now. One this is sure for this month’s cameras are all of the animals are definitely putting on weight.

Second and Third Weeks of September 2015

The cameras don’t lie, and what the cameras say is that aggressive aoudad, isn’t very nice! He continues to show aggression towards other animals (including the red stag) and shows little fear of people. Also caught on the cams was a doe fight. The impressive red stag has found new feeders and continues to be a regular at all the feeders. The raccoons are plentiful and the squirrels are nuts. We got some other pretty neat pictures out of these game cameras, including one picture with 5 different species, a possible coyote, interaction between the red stag and our big whitetail buck tickles, different herds have formed (with some having different species).


First Week of September 2015

Last week’s game cameras are in. The stag is as majestic as ever and the pigs are huge! In one of the shots the aggressive auodad test his might with the fallow buck, and tickles the whitetail buck makes many appearances. The rams ransack the feeder and the black bucks are out in full force. The raccoon’s continue to be regular at the feeders along with squirrels and rabbits.

Last Week of August 2015

The new red deer has made his appearance at one of the feeders. His size is impressive. The aoudads are regularly attending the feeders and they tend to be a bully. Raccoons are making regular visits as well. The whitetail seem to be thriving, however they are still off limits, for now.