Exotic Bow Hunting in East Texas


We have several axis that are predictable in their routine from feeder to feeder. Click here for current prices.

About Axis Deer

Axis deer (aks chital) is native to India and considered by some to be the most beautiful deer species. With a bright reddish coat marked with rows of white spots at last their entire lifespan. Antlers on the bucks are large but simple, usually with only three points. Axis bucks can weigh up to 200 lbs. Axis deer love our Texas climate as it resembles conditions in their native homelands. They thrive in warm environments with plenty of water, woody vegetation and open areas for feeding. They are primarily grazers but do enjoy vegetation found in wood areas. The love variety unlike most deer species and will eat a small quantities of a large variety of plant species. The axis’ broad spectrum diet gives them an advantage in competition with other deer.
The axis deer love to partake in reproductive activity all year long, but usually breeding occurs in June and July. Single fawns are usually born in the spring after a 7 1/2 month gestation period. During the active breeding period, males will bellow loudly and wander around in search of willing females (much like human males).
A basic social unit is a family group of an older females and her offspring. A herd consist of two or more family groups. Other social groupings may have male herds and in the spring with nursery herds including females and fawns. Vocalizations are important in axis deer society and one of the most noticeable characteristics of them.
Axis deer are more active by day rather then night, and more active two or three hours after dawn and again before dusk. Axis deer are not to terribly territorial but male fights can get real for female possession.
In Texas the biggest predator of axis are coyotes and bobcats, but mostly bow hunters from the 4P Bow Hunting Ranch. Axis tend to be very resistant to disease.
Even though Axis roam parts of Texas freely, they are not regulated by game laws. They are property to the landowners and my be bought sold or hunted at anytime. They are particular useful to Texas Hunters when other species are not available. For this reason, they are widely distributed in the state. Axis deer in Texas make awesome trophies and have an excellent meat quality that lacks strong game flavor that is sometimes associated with venison.