Exotic Bow Hunting in East Texas


We have a huge population of quality blackbucks on our ranch. Several mature bucks and dozens of does. Click here for current pricing on these blackbucks.

About Blackbucks

Very reminiscent of gazelles, blackbucks are an antelope species that originate from the Arabian peninsula. They are very leak and usually about 47 inches long and around 30 inches tall from hoof to shoulder. Both sexes have white around the eyes, belly and inside of their slender legs. Older bucks turn a blackish brown on the back sides and the front of the neck. They almost become black with age. Only males have horns that are cylindrical spiraled and are ringed all the way around. The rings are closer together near the base by the skull.
Blackbucks are widespread in plains, open woodlands, western deserts and mountains. They live in herds of five to 50 animals with usually one dominant male. They are very fast with speeds more than 50 mph have been recorded. They are considered one of the fastest animals in the world. Their keen eyesight with agility and speed are their main defense against predators. When alarmed, the herd will leap and break off to a quick gallop. Male blackbucks will use their horns in displaying rituals to attract females and will fight for breeding rights during the rut. Males will lock horns and push against each other until one male concedes defeat. Playful sparring occurs much in the same way but does lack intensity. The are primarily grazers that require water every day and tend to migrate. The feed during the day. In the wild, the chief predator are cheetahs and wolves, now their chief predator are bow hunters at the 4P Hunting ranch.


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