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Red Deer


Now Booking for Red Deer Hunts!

We do currently have a population of red deer at the 4P Hunting ranch. They are being tracked on the game camera and are ready to be hunted. Please call us for more information and see our price sheet.

About Red Deer

The red deer is the fourth largest deer species. They are native to Europe and parts of Aisia. The American Elk is a subspecies of the red deer, but has recently been declared its own species. The male species, or stag is typically 69 to 89 inches long and can weigh from 350-550lbs. Only the stags have antlers and start growing in the spring and shed each year at the end of winter. Their antlers typically measure 28 ” in length (but can grow up to 45 inches and weigh 11 lbs). Antlers are mad of bone and can grow an inch a day. Red deer antlers are distinctive in being straight and rugose, with the fourth and fifth tines forming a crown in larger males. Any tines in access of the fourth and fifth tine will grow radially from the cup, which are generally absent in the antlers of smaller red deer.
During the fall, all red deer grow thicker coats of hair which helps as insulation for the winter. The also grow their neck manes in the winter which is a distinctive trait with red deer. Some subspecies such as the Caspian red deer has a grayer coat and a larger more distinguished light rump patch, unlike its European counterpart that has a grayish brown coat with a darker yellowish rump patch in the winter. As summer begins, the heavy winter coat will shed; to do this, they will rub against trees and other objects to remove hair from their body.
Stags typically stay solitary except for the rut. They will compete for female (hinds) attention and will try to defend the hinds they attract. Rival stags challenge opponents by belling and walking in parallel. If neither stag backs down, a clash of antlers can occur and may result in serious injury or death. Stags have a distinctive roar like sound during rut. The male deer roars to keep his hinds together. The hinds are attracted to males with the loudest roar call. The stags also use the roar to call out other competing males during the rut.